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Dr. Manish Jangir

Dr. Manish Jangir, a distinguished orthopedic expert, holds an MBBS from GMC Miraj, Maharashtra (2014) and completed MS Orthopedics at SMS Medical College Jaipur (2018). Following a Senior Residency at SDMH, he pursued a prestigious two-year FNB Sports Medicine fellowship (2021-2023) with the National Board, specializing in Sports Injury and Arthroscopy. Dr. Jangir's expertise encompasses Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy, addressing issues such as ACL/PCL/MCL/PLC tears, meniscus injuries, cartilage damage, patellar instability, and shoulder-related complications. With a keen focus on joint preservation techniques and comprehensive sports injury management, he offers unparalleled proficiency in both surgical and non-surgical interventions.


Orthopedic Surgery


MBBS, MS Orthopaedics, FNB Sports Medicine

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